Monthly Archives: January 2016

January 31

7 Simple Techniques

With so many different meditation teachers and techniques out there, how would a beginner know which one to try?

January 30

MBCT & Depression

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy compared with maintenance antidepressant treatment in the prevention of depressive relapse or recurrence: A randomised controlled trial.

January 29

10 Tips For Leaders

Leadership is something which carries along with it management roles but sometimes leaders can forget about the effect their actions and decisions can have upon others.

January 28

Create Moments You Want

Creating this moment was an act of compassion. I let go of the past and the future, and I embraced a moment that I created for myself.

January 27

Face Conflict Mindfully

MINDFULNESS is the perfect awareness technique to employ when a conflict arises — at both work and home. Here are four simple steps toward facing conflict mindfully.

January 26

Mind Over Matter

Study: Factors Associated With Consciousness Can Influence Our Autonomic Nervous System

January 25

Meditative Business Planning

When you’re an entrepreneur, you need to make many, many decisions. You also need to know when it’s time to go into warrior mode and when it’s time to pull back and nurture yourself.