Create Moments You Want

Originally posted as “Resolution Chronicles: Creating Moments I Want To Be In” by Kerri K Morris for Chicago Now

My daughter gave me a Lush bath bomb for Christmas. She worried that I wouldn’t understand how special it was. It’s the “it” gift among young women. But I felt honored. It’s been ages, more than a year, since I’ve had a hot bath. And that’s odd, because I adore baths.

So, on Christmas day, I scrubbed the bathtub, took a glass of champagne and the bath bomb into the bathroom. I ran the bath, and made it the perfect temperature. I put on Sam Smith. I slipped into the water and dropped the bomb.

It was a perfect 20 minutes. The fizzing of the soap in the water. The fragrance filling the air. The silky feeling of the water on my skin.

Sam Smith’s voice was singing, “I don’t have money on my mind / I do it for the love.” The champagne was bubbly and chilled going down my throat.

I slid my head under the water and sound muted as the water covered my ears. I felt my shoulders and my face relax. As my eyes closed I felt the breath coming in and going out through my nose.

Practicing mindfulness means being fully aware in every moment of your life, whether driving to work or sitting in a meeting, or even, feeling your knee ache. It is being mindful of where you are, as you are, in the moment that you’re living now.

Practicing mindfulness means accepting life as it is.

But practicing mindfulness is also about compassion. “May I have compassion for myself and others” is one of my mantras. And, it’s hard for me. I judge myself harshly. I feel I always need to work on something, to improve something. I feel the need to apologize for my failures, to note my failures, to remember them.

Creating this moment was an act of compassion. I let go of the past and the future, and I embraced a moment that I created for myself.

Sometimes being mindful is simple and easy. It’s slipping into a bathtub with a bath bomb, champagne, and Sam Smith’s voice and just leaning back. It’s embracing the smells and feelings, sights and sounds, and knowing that this moment is a gift.

This post is part of a year-long series about my New Year’s resolution. All in the series are included in the Resolution Chronicles category below. This is the first post that explains my resolution.

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