Monthly Archives: January 2016

January 24

Mindful Dating Tips

Glickman, who also happens to be a sought-after yoga instructor and meditation coach in Philadelphia, decided to apply his expertise in meditation to his love life. Here’s what happened.

January 23

Struggling To Stay Present?

Struggling to stay present at work?

According to the research, 84% of senior managers – including business owners and directors – feel the need to curb their emotions and natural behaviour in the workplace. This raises crucial questions about whether leaders are able to lead in an emotionally intelligent and mindful way.

January 22

7 Fun & Free Stress Relief Apps

7 Fun & Free Stress Relief Apps to introduce small changes into your day and let the momentum carry you on to bigger and better things!

January 20

Enjoy Parenting More

“When you boil it down, parenting is simply how we respond to our children on a moment to moment basis. Just as with our lives, if we can improve how we respond in just this moment, we are improving our days and our lives with our kids.”

January 19

6 Mindful Eating Tips

Adopting mindful eating habits is a great way to improve how we eat. You may have only heard of mindfulness in the context of meditation, but the practice can be utilized in how you prepare and consume meals.

January 18

Minecraft For Mindfulness

Grokcraft, a new startup, aims to bring the power of Minecraft to help parents, kids and professionals engage in playful social-emotional learning (SEL).

January 17

Mindfulness & Art Therapy

Personal reflection informs action towards living well. In this way, mindfulness and art therapy combined provides a powerful compass. It opens us to what’s happening now in life and acts as a bridge to what’s next. This growth is spurred on by the fact that mindfulness practice and creativity practice double up to support coherent learning in both our receptive and expressive domains.