Monthly Archives: March 2016

March 28

Mindfulness & Self-Destruction

trying to “turn off” emotions is like putting an airtight lid on a pot of boiling water. The steam and pressure (the emotions) will continue to build – until you may feel you are constantly under pressure. Eventually, the pot will explode, which is when emotions feel especially unbearable. Consequently, you may feel compelled to try to “turn off” the heightened emotions by engaging in the dysregulated behavior again.

And the spiral will continue.

However, methods exist that can improve your chances of breaking free of this spiral. One of those methods is mindfulness practice.

March 27

Mindful Mealtimes For Kids

Here are ten top tips to help your children with mindfulness at mealtimes, avoiding over indulgence and fussiness with their food, and improving eating habits.

March 26

5 Meditation Perks

People who insist meditation has changed their lives likely inspire fewer eye rolls today than they used to. That’s because a growing body of evidence suggests that the ancient practice — explained simply as being aware in the present moment— can have a powerful impact on our health.

March 25

Mindfully Curb Spending

Being mindful, as it turns out, is helpful in curbing impulse-spending and not just in service of short-term financial goals; it can help cultivate the lifestyle required to create lasting change and greater financial abundance.