Monthly Archives: April 2016

April 30

No Cushion Required

The most effective technique I’ve found for moving from mindless to mindful without meditation involves a form of self-distancing, and talking to yourself as an objective adviser would. It is achievable in a few simple steps.

April 29

Mindfulness Instead of Meds?

For many people, mindfulness meditation is a beautiful and life changing tool to handle difficult emotions. We can’t control our emotions, and the more that we try to stop anxiety, or sadness, or fear from coming up, the more it comes up. With mindfulness, we gain distance from our thoughts and emotions, looking at them rather than from them.

April 28

How I Meditate

Julia Samton, MD, completed a dual Board Certification in Psychiatry and Neurology at the New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center. Her unique background combines a deep scientific knowledge of neuroscience with more than a decade of clinical experience and years of mindful meditation practice.

April 27

Exercise For Your Brain

Life Coach Rebecca Hass offers these three tips for those who want to try exercising their brains at home.

April 26

Meditation for Fidgeters

If you are not already into meditation, there is something slightly comical about trying to do it. You have to think about thinking. Or, stop thinking about thinking. Or think about not thinking. What you are mostly thinking is, “Why can’t I meditate?”