Monthly Archives: May 2016

May 22

Simple & Beneficial

There is an abundance of information out there about meditation, but until now I hadn’t really paid much attention to it.

But now that I’ve had a chance to take a closer examination, the benefits are undeniably profound.

May 21

Meditation; 5 Key Ideas

Imagine if there was a supplement you could take that would:

help you focus
give you more time
relax more deeply
sleep better
stay calm and centred in the midst of a busy life
achieve more of your life’s and daily goals
stop procrastinating
have better sex
build grey matter in your brain
and help you be more creative and solution focused….?

Would you take it?


May 20

Tech Tools to Relax

We all experience tension in our lives. In fact, technology can often be a source of the tension. But technology can also help us relax and think less about our troubles.

May 20

Deliver Us From Burnout

What do you do for fun? This is an important question I have started to ask patients so I can get to know them better and assess whether they find joy in their lives. I appreciate that the absence of joy can be a significant contributor to absence of personal health and sense of wellness.

May 16

More Than Being Present

One of the common issues that comes with modern teaching of mindfulness is the idea that we should simply be aware of the present, placing no judgment on whatever arises, and to “let go” of anything – uncomfortable thoughts, feelings or sensations.

May 14

Mindfully Improve Work

How does mindfulness fit into the world of meetings and expense reports? How can mindfulness make you a better employee or manager?

May 02

Reasons to Meditate

Yes, we hear it all the time! Meditation has a lots of health benefits – from lowering stress levels to keeping diseases at bay. But to reap the benefits of meditation, one needs to practice it regularly.