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May 24

Meditate at Work

Meditation may seem something alien to you or your meditation involves longer, set-aside periods or classes. But it means you are laying deprived of the benefits and adaptability which meditation or say mindfulness can bring. Here are a few ways to meditate at work.

May 22

Simple & Beneficial

There is an abundance of information out there about meditation, but until now I hadn’t really paid much attention to it.

But now that I’ve had a chance to take a closer examination, the benefits are undeniably profound.

May 14

Mindfully Improve Work

How does mindfulness fit into the world of meetings and expense reports? How can mindfulness make you a better employee or manager?

May 01

3 Steps To Mindful

Once you have noticed all you can outside — notice what is going on inside you! What are you saying to yourself when you are on your own (but not while you are with another person or you can’t be noticing stuff about them!) Is it helpful? Positive? Does it make you feel good about yourself? If not — who can change it? Do you WANT to change it? What are you willing to do to change it?

January 29

10 Tips For Leaders

Leadership is something which carries along with it management roles but sometimes leaders can forget about the effect their actions and decisions can have upon others.

January 27

Face Conflict Mindfully

MINDFULNESS is the perfect awareness technique to employ when a conflict arises — at both work and home. Here are four simple steps toward facing conflict mindfully.

January 25

Meditative Business Planning

When you’re an entrepreneur, you need to make many, many decisions. You also need to know when it’s time to go into warrior mode and when it’s time to pull back and nurture yourself.