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June 17


Take a breath with Apple — literally. The tech giant announced this week that it will include a new mindfulness app called Breathe in its forthcoming iteration of the Apple Watch.

May 20

Tech Tools to Relax

We all experience tension in our lives. In fact, technology can often be a source of the tension. But technology can also help us relax and think less about our troubles.

January 22

7 Fun & Free Stress Relief Apps

7 Fun & Free Stress Relief Apps to introduce small changes into your day and let the momentum carry you on to bigger and better things!

January 18

Minecraft For Mindfulness

Grokcraft, a new startup, aims to bring the power of Minecraft to help parents, kids and professionals engage in playful social-emotional learning (SEL).

January 15

HUMENA Meditation Technology

The health and personal development benefits of mediation are many, diverse, and exceptionally well documented. The exciting news is that a new and highly advanced meditation enabling technology has been unveiled that can greatly magnify those benefits. And, this truly “disruptive” technology is now available for easy use on a smartphone or tablet.

January 07

Digital Meditation Smackdown

IT MAY BE irreverent to turn the sacred practice of meditation into competition. But could it be fun? More important, for people like me who have trouble sticking with the practice, could it be an effective motivator?

January 06

Meditation Gadgets

Last year, instead of resolving to meditate more—a resolution I knew I’d break before long—I decided to find out if I could meditate less, but better.

As a technology editor, I predictably looked to the least-meditative, most distracting thing in my life for a solution: my smartphone—specifically apps that pair with electroencephalography (EEG) headsets to provide biofeedback for meditators.