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May 29

Meditation Vs. Mindfulness

Where does meditation end and mindfulness begin? Is there really a difference between the two?

May 27

Jazz Up Your Practice

Meditation is an amazingly easy way to calm your mind. The problem is that it is hard to reap all its benefits when you have been practicing meditation for many months or years.

May 23

Put Your Wellbeing First

Too often we fail to put aside time for ourselves, time to strengthen our mind beyond academic means. We over train, over study, and rarely stop to smell the roses, stop to take a deep breath, stop to take care of ourselves. Here are 5 simple ways to put yourself and your mental well-being first…

May 20

Deliver Us From Burnout

What do you do for fun? This is an important question I have started to ask patients so I can get to know them better and assess whether they find joy in their lives. I appreciate that the absence of joy can be a significant contributor to absence of personal health and sense of wellness.

May 16

More Than Being Present

One of the common issues that comes with modern teaching of mindfulness is the idea that we should simply be aware of the present, placing no judgment on whatever arises, and to “let go” of anything – uncomfortable thoughts, feelings or sensations.

May 14

Mindfully Improve Work

How does mindfulness fit into the world of meetings and expense reports? How can mindfulness make you a better employee or manager?

May 01

3 Steps To Mindful

Once you have noticed all you can outside — notice what is going on inside you! What are you saying to yourself when you are on your own (but not while you are with another person or you can’t be noticing stuff about them!) Is it helpful? Positive? Does it make you feel good about yourself? If not — who can change it? Do you WANT to change it? What are you willing to do to change it?